Christina Storch (née Miller) began her career enveloped in Canada’s music industry. Originally taken on as a receptionist for one of the world’s largest booking agencies, Christina managed to become the company’s first simultaneous Communications Officer, Graphic Designer, and Web Manager.

In 2010, Christina moved to New York to marry her American sweetheart. She now runs her own business, offering Social Media, Design, and Communications services to bands, brands, and non-profits across North America.

Since beginning her quest for meaningful communication on the web, Christina’s clients have included bands such as USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker), brands like Playboy Intimates, and non-profits like Music Empowers Foundation.

When not on the Internet, Christina enjoys spending time with her husband and son, practicing Ashtanga yoga, reading avidly, and listening to music.

Contact: christinamstorch@gmail.com